Study Tips

  • Set up a regular time to do homework

  • Check your agenda/homework log for upcoming assignments

  • Organize and prioritize each night's assignments

  • Read over your notes from class

  • Redo difficult problems for practice

  • Rewrite your notes in a second notebook

  • Pace yourself with long-term assignments

  • Choose a quiet place for studying

  • Set up a station at a desk, or at one end of the kitchen or dining table

  • Keep necessary materials nearby

  • Place study tools in a crate that is easily accessible

  • Create your own folder on the family computer for your work

  • Print hard-copies of projects before the due date (in case you run out of ink)

  • Back up your work on a flash drive

  • No TV during homework/study time

  • Turn off the cell phone

  • Limit distractions